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Nutrition | Leigh Trombley | Nutrition Consultant

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." 

- Virginia Woolf


nutrition THAT SUPPORTS Your lifestyle

As a personal chef and nutritional consultant, my mission is to maximize the power of food. Thinking of food as an energy source is really just the beginning. My style of cooking focuses on making connections between the food source, cooking process, and nutritional results of food.

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The Source:

Using Fresh, Whole Ingredients

The best food comes from the best sources, but what exactly does that mean? For me, it means choosing produce from local farmers who use organic and sustainable practices. It also means cooking with whole, natural foods to maximize nutrition and health benefits. It means making my own stocks and broths, and starting from scratch. To sustain these practices, our connection to our food sources cannot be a one-way street. As a chef, I choose to support local farms, drop-off leftover produce for compost, and even grow a garden of my own.

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The Process:

Preparing Foods that Delight the Senses

I received my formal chef training at Le Cordon Bleu in London. This experience gave me respect for traditional French cuisine, and for the culinary arts as a whole. Today, my style of cooking builds on these fundamentals with a focus on preparing fresh and nutritious food that delights the senses. We eat with our eyes and make memories from aromatics. And what is the point of cooking if food does not taste good?

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The Results:

Inspiring Nutrition and Wellness

Food is an opportunity to nourish and heal our bodies. It is the source of our energy and has a direct effect on our daily lives. Building on my chef training at Le Cordon Bleu, I became certified as a Nutritional Consultant at Bauman College. This experience has enabled me to understand and diagnose the symptoms of an unbalanced or undernourished diet. Having experienced the effects of this first-hand as a cyclist, I am passionate about providing nutritious foods and dietary options for my clients. I do this through cooking, and also through instruction and consultation.