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About | Chef Leigh Trombley

"Love what you do and do what you love." 

- Ray Bradbury

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It all started when...

I knew I loved to cook. I wanted to be a "real chef". I got accepted to Le Cordon Bleu and completed their program in London. It was a fantastic learning experience, and it taught me how to execute exceptional meals for myself and others. My training allowed me to work in high-end restaurants, catering, and personal chef positions. I traveled, I learned, and I soaked up every minute. 

Time went on, and I realized that there was much more to my dream. As a former competitive cyclist, I trained hard and pushed my limits. My daily active lifestyle was demanding, and my diet wasn't keeping up with me. Through this experience, I realized the direct relationship between the foods we eat and the lives we get to lead. I knew that the way I could help others was through food and nutrition. I enrolled once again in culinary school, this time at Bauman College-- a national thought leader of the holistic food movement. It was a wonderful program and I loved it. I eventually became an instructor in nutrition and cooking there, and still teach on occasion.

My past experiences have reinforced my core belief that food is an important part of living life to the fullest. For me, good food comes from authentic, local sources. It is prepared with minimal manipulation, and should always taste delicious. Most of all, it should be a resource to fuel our lives. 

Today, my work enables me to connect with others through a love of food and a love of life. I enjoy collaborating with clients in a number of ways--through dinner parties, as a personal chef, or workshops--and know that the possibilities are endless. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope that we, too, will connect soon.