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Cooking | Marin Personal Chef | Leigh Trombley

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

- Socrates



customized for you

Whether it's cooking for a dinner party, special occasion, or weeknights at home, I love collaborating with my clients to create meals with great flavor, nutrition and beauty.

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EAT Better. Stress less.

As a personal chef, I focus on creating customized menus that complement your tastes, dietary needs, and lifestyle. My process begins with understanding your goals and preferences, and I use my background in nutrition to answer questions you may have along the way. For anything I cook, high quality food sources are of the utmost importance. I keep a garden to provide fresh produce, and what I can't farm myself, I purchase from farmer's markets and local purveyors. The results are fantastic home-cooked meals... without the stress or planning.

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One of my favorite ways to cook is to prepare a meal to be shared by an intimate group of friends and family. My original three-course menus change seasonally, and can be customized for your event. 

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As a certified nutritional consultant, I am often asked to help with family diet planning. Sometimes, this is in response to changing dietary needs such as gluten intolerance. Busy professionals also ask for my help with keeping fresh, healthy meals stocked and ready to eat at home.